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Cultural Acceptance in Technology


Nowadays, technology move faster and faster, in count of a day tchnolgy changed, include telecommunication technology. All this happen in all over the world. Indonesia one of that kind, they also have a significant change.

When change [in this case is technology] came, people usually see and learn it first before they decided it whether they need it or not.

Change that happen today made people wanna try it, they wanna feel it what is like have facilitates that people around the world have. And then, they ask for it, they ask to the goverment, they ask to companies which provide that kind of technology. They said, how can they move forward if they hadn’t have that facilities.  Like old man used to say “human is being who’s never satisfied”.

Apakah ketika teknologi itu masuk, masyarakat akan maju sesuai dengan keinginan mereka? i’m sorry, i have to say “it depend”. It depend on people it self.

Banyak case yang terjadi bahwa justru sebaliknya, ketika teknogi itu masuk mereka justru bingung dengan sendiri-nya, mereka bingung harus di apakan teknologi itu padahal teknologi itu sudah didepan mata mereka sendiri.

Mereka bingung harus seperti apa memanfaatkan teknologi tersebut, mereka menunggu kembali agar seseorang datang membawa keajaiban untuk membuat mereka mengerti, sama seperti ketika mereke meminta teknologi datang ke tempat mereka. And then, what they do, they ask for the goverment, companies, LSM, and others to give them training to understand it. Training has been given to them, and do you know what usually happened during the training, they offish, they chat with others and they wait for instrurtor to give them private lesson, wuih….what a job, to make people or society understand the benefit of technology.

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